Dahlia merckii

Photo Courtesy of CT Johansson

An exquisite species Dahlia that’s perfect for our S.F. Bay Area climate - blooming sweetly in Summer with nary a sign of powdery mildew! This Mexican native leafs out in Spring, quickly reaching 3’ tall by 2’ wide with a dense, bushy form. In Summer it’s crowned by an abundance of 1.25”, single, purpley-pink flowers held high above the foliage. Popular with bees and butterflies, this hardy Dahlia is much less prone to powdery mildew than many hybrids. Equally at home in containers or the ground, it likes a warm sunny location and regular water during the growing season. Give it well-drained soil and deadhead during its bloom season for extended flowering. Cut back to the ground in Winter, mulch its roots and stop watering during its dormant season. Grown from seed, so color may be variable.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 7b-11