'Giant Crimson'

Photo Courtesy of Rockledge Gardens

Large, royal red flowers all summer and fall make this one of the showiest smaller vines on the market. The 5” saturated crimson flowers make a dramatic statement, especially with glossy green oblong leaves as a backdrop. The overall look is tropical and yet this vine can prosper in the milder zones of the Bay Area. A vigorous grower, this bushy vine quickly reaches 8-10' tall and up to 2-4' wide. Warmer summer weather spurs blooming and plants will often flower right up to first frost. It has been bred to take the heat and is remarkably disease resistant. Given its modest size, this is one vine that's suitable for a decorative pot, allowing you to give it the sun and eye candy location it deserves. It can be trained over a small trellis or even spill out of a large elevated container. A hummingbird favorite, with regular water it will bloom continuously throughout the warmer months. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil and protect plants during the winter.  In colder climates, grow this vine as an annual.

Full Sun
Average Water

Perennial Vine
USDA Zones 10-11
(USPP# 17,736)