Sedum morganianum

Photo courtesy of Hungda

This easy to grow, cascading succulent resembles its relative, Burro's Tail, but with shorter, rounder leaves. Initially found in Veracruz, Mexico, it is now thought to be extinct in the wild. The rows of stubby golden-green leaves seem to practically glow, making this one of the prettiest succulents you'll ever grow. Best grown as a hanging plant to let its rows cascade (as much as two feet), Donkey Tails can be grown outside in full sun or inside in bright light. Given that it is frost tender, you might need to bring it inside just for the coldest winter days. It does not flower readily but does eventually produce tiny, fuzzy pink flowers. Use a mix of equal parts potting soil and pumice to provide the quick drainage it needs. Easy to grow and filling out over time, Donkey Tails is a great addition to any garden or home. Deer and snail resistant. Safe for pets.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 10-11