Agave ovatifolia

Architectural focal point extraordinaire! Introduced by renowned California plant breeder Kelly Griffin, ‘Vanzie’ is a clonal selection of this outstanding Agave, often called ‘Whale’s Tongue’ for its remarkable, extra-large, deeply cupped, bright silvery-blue leaves. Distinguished from the straight species by its smaller teeth, fascinating channeled and wavier 8-12” wide leaves, it’s also said to be faster growing – to 3’ tall and 6’ across in about 5 years. Hardy to 5ºF (!), it’s one of the EASIEST Agaves to grow, well-tolerating cool, foggy climates like ours. Do provide well-drained soil and low fertility. Rock/succulent gardens and extra-large containers. Deer resistant, of course.

Plant Whisperer

Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 7-10