Annie's Fave Veggies
Summer Collection

We’ve teamed up with our favorite local seed company, Oakland’s own Kitazawa Seed Co. (est. 1917) to offer you a selection of our most in-demand varieties to sow early for delicious Summer crops. All of the varieties in this collection can be sown March thru April, and most can be sown over a longer season for multiple crops. Some are best to start in an indoor windowsill, while others prefer to be planted directly into your garden – each packet includes complete sowing instructions. NON-GMO, Safe Seed Pledge.

This collection includes:
‘Dragon Purple’ Carrot
‘Italian Large Leaf’ Basil
‘Sun Gold’ Tomato
‘Tasty Green’ Cucumber

Most veggies will want to be in the sunniest spot in your yard, so choose a place where they will thrive. Prepare beds by turning over the soil and amending with a planting mix if it is too clay-ey, too rocky, or too sandy.  Creating well-draining soil will provide a root environment where your plants can establish a solid foundation for strong growth. Mix in a good amount of organic compost – most veggies grow fast, so they'll need extra nutrients to get started, and then will need to be fed regularly. While any 16-16-16 fertilizer works well, we recommend MaxSea All Purpose Plant Food. Water regularly. If you have sown seeds directly into the garden, water gently until they have germinated.