Crocus sativus
"Saffron Crocus"

Photo courtesy Fotoscot (right)
5 Bulbs per Bag

Ever wonder where that intense golden spice known as saffron comes from? Believe it or not it comes from the delicate red filaments on this species Crocus! Also known as “Autumn Crocus,” this Fall blooming bulb produces lovely 1” purple flowers on a 4-6” tall plant with dark-green grassy foliage. Though in cultivation for over 3500 years, populations no longer exist in the wild! Plant corms in well-drained fertile soil where they will receive little to no water during dormancy – for areas that get regular Summer rainfall, a pot that can be relocated out of the rain might be best. Space 4” apart and bury 4” deep. Add a bit of bone meal or bulb food at the time of planting for best show. Attracts butterflies. Deer resistant.

Photo courtesy of KENPEI

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./No Summer Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 5-9