Symphoricarpos albus
"Snowberry Bush"

Photo by Tsyganov Sergey

A durable and pretty CA native with gorgeous white Winter berries. Growing in sun or shade, in wet soil or dry, this extremely versatile shrub is great for erosion control, providing habitat and food for birds, and producing clusters of charming, marble-sized white berries perfect for adding Winter interest to the garden as well as bouquets. Growing 2-3’ high and wide with a compact form and arching branches when planted in full sun, it gets larger and more rambley with more shade. It also has pretty, yellow Fall foliage that persists for quite a while before going Winter deciduous. In Spring, clusters of urn-shaped 1/4” pink flowers, popular with hummingbirds, sprout from branch tips. Given a bit of regular water, this bush not only prospers but sends out rhizomes to produce additional plants. Works well as a hedge, planted under trees, on hillsides, anywhere, really. Tolerant of seaside conditions and fire resistant. Just provide good drainage for best health.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water/Moist

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 2-11