'Hot Pink Wonder'

Prepare to be utterly dazzled by iridescent hot pink flowers that bloom nonstop from Spring to Fall! Daisy-like multi-petaled blooms have a yellow eye surrounded by concentric rings of white, yellow and pink, creating a riveting halo effect that pops against the lush blue-green foliage. This ground-hugging ice plant reaches 4-6” tall and spreads vigorously to 18-24” wide, creating a dense evergreen carpet of thick fleshy leaves that are almost completely smothered by flowers for weeks on end! EASY AND CAREFREE, this tough succulent thrives in a sunny site with sharp drainage, tolerating average to lean soils including sand or gravel. Perfect for a waterwise border, rock garden, challenging slope or parking strip. Extremely drought tolerant once established. If conditions are too wet, plants will grow poorly. Attracts butterflies and bees galore!

Plant Whisperer

Full Sun
Low Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 6-9
(USPP# 26,157)