Calceolaria x herbeohybrida
‘Fascination Mix’

Photos courtesy of Philippe Teuwen

This exciting new mix of “Pocketbook Flowers” that can be orange, red or yellow. Topping out at a modest 8” but blooming early at around 5”, this robust annual produces an abundance of pouch-shaped 1/2” flowers held in clusters of 8-15 blooms all Summer long! No matter the color, the flowers feature showy red spotting that helps to direct pollinators inside the small opening of the pouch. Perfect for adding a vibrant splash of color to the garden (mass for greater effect). It also makes an ideal container plant for the patio or even placed inside on a sunny windowsill. Great for bees and hummers. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil and be careful not to over-water. Protect from frost.

Curious Plantsman

Photo courtesy of XenonX3
Average Water

Tender Perennial
USDA zones 9-10
(Annual Elsewhere)