Kniphofia praecox
'Winter Cheer'

Fire up your Winter garden with this exceptionally late-blooming “Poker Plant” that flowers mid-Winter thru early Spring with multiple, erect flower stalks topped with a dense cluster of brilliant red-orange blooms that open in slow succession. Older blooms eventually fade to yellow creating a bi-color effect. It’s a great plant for feeding hungry hummers and brightening up a weary Wintery view. Forms dense clumps of strappy foliage reaching 3’ wide and up to 4’ tall (in bloom), it’s lovely edging a fence or even in a large container (20 gal.+). Drought tolerant once established. Prefers rich, humusy soil and good drainage. Deer resistant. Extra showy in bouquets!

Plant Unicorn

Low Water

USDA zones 7-9