Verbesina encelioides
“Golden Crownbeard”

Blooming early Summer to Fall(!), this easy-to-grow annual daisy offers tons of cheerful 2” yellow flowers. Native to much of the Western U.S., the Plains, and Mexico - this durable and enthusiastic plant is commonly spotted on disturbed ground, even blanketing miles of roadside with solid yellow swaths. Its commonality and beauty has spawned a plethora of colloquial names – “Goldweed”, “Wild Sunflower”, “American Dogweed”, even “Cowpen Daisy”! It reaches up to 5’ tall, with grayish-green, toothed, triangular 4” leaves. Each flower features 12-15 broad yellow ray petals that terminate in notches at the tip. The generous center nectary packs 80 to 150 tiny orange disc florets, making these flowers a must stop for bees and butterflies. Situate where you want a nonstop splash of cheerful yellows and golds. Plant it in well drained, poor to rich soil. Very deer resistant. Reseeds.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

All Zones