Puya micrantha

Photos by David Feix

A RARE and fabulous member of the pineapple family sporting pink bracts and sensuous purplish-black flowers that are to die for! Forms a 6’ high and wide clump of slender, arching silvery leaves that are populated with tiny but sharp serrated spines. Enormous 10’ tall flowering spikes emerge in Summer and Fall - multi-branching and architectural, they’re loaded with inch long tubular flowers, each with rosy-pink bracts and sumptuous black flowers. Hailing from Bolivia, this terrestrial bromeliad will want soil to grow in and lots of sun. Fast draining fertile soil is best. Water regularly during the warmer months but withhold water in Winter. It can handle light frosts, but for zones 9 and lower it is best grown in a pot and brought under cover during the Winter. Attracts loads of hummers in its native land but not sure in the Bay Area. Deer-proof!

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zone 10