Boltonia asteroides

This herbaceous variety of false aster is aptly named, as its profuse blooming smothers the plant in 3/4” daisy-like flowers from summer to late fall.  Native to wet meadows, marshes and stream banks in eastern and central North America, this rhizomatous perennial tops out at 4' tall and thus does not need staking. Multi-branching stems give the foliage a dense appearance and the 5” long, linear, gray-green leaves provide a soothing backdrop to the grand floral display. Flowers feature yellow center discs and occasionally the white petals are tinged pink or purple. They are popular with butterflies and hummingbirds. These showy plants make a great focal point in the garden but are sturdy enough to use as a hedge. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Deep watering will lead to more drought tolerant specimens.  Prune off entire top in early spring. Fully rooted plantlets can be teased out of the basal clump and replanted.

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Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 3-11