Agave polyacantha

Rare and stunning and quite unlike any Agave we’ve seen before! Garden-worthy in habit and size, forming a dense clump to 4’ across (here by the Bay) of broad smooth and somewhat wavy light green leaves edged in very tiny teeth. After 2-3 years, the first stout stalk – about 6” across – emerges in April to reach 6’ tall, encircled by a mass of crimson-pink buds that open into an impressive, fluffy mass of pink stamens and whitish anthers that begin at the base and make their way up the stalk thru May and June. The main rosette does NOT DIE after flowering and continues to make new tightly held rosettes that continue to bloom thereafter. Rock/succulent gardens. Well-drained soil. Native to eastern Mexico. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant.


Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 7b-10