Ophiopogon japonicus

A tough, evergreen, drought tolerant low groundcover for sun or shade! “Dwarf Mondo Grass” forms a well-behaved grass-like mat perfect for planting between paving stones or wherever you need a ground cover that can handle light foot traffic. With thin, dark green leaf blades that top out at 2-3” in height, this potential grass substitute doesn’t need mowing. Though it can withstand periods of dryness, it can also handle regular water, making it a great go-to choice around various types of hardscape. It can also perform well as a green roof, where it can serve to absorb excess moisture. Makes an attractive addition to a Japanese style garden bed. Valuable for weed control. Spreads slowly by short underground stolons. May produce insignificant white flowers and blue berries once established. Can handle a variety of soils. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 6-10