Incarvillea arguta
"Himalayan Gloxinia"

Incarvillea arguta "Himalayan Gloxinia"

Loads of fragrant, soft pink, flaring trumpets & elegant finely cut foliage make this RARE Chinese sub-shrub a sophisticated highlight in the Summer garden. Creates a bushy 3’ x 3’ form with dense clusters of pretty pink blooms held on 7” long graceful arching stems Summer thru Fall. Cutting back spent blooms keeps ’em coming like crazy! Most luxurious when grown in part sun & rich soil. Prune the whole plant back to about 10” tall in Fall to keep its lovely form & prevent woodiness.

Incarvillea arguta "Himalayan Gloxinia"


Sun/Brt. Shade

Avg./Low water 

Perennial or Sub-shrub
USDA zones 8-10