Papaver argemone ssp. nigrotinctum
“Prickleyhead Poppy”

This brilliant red “Poppy” with pronounced black spotting at the base of each petal hails from various regions of the Mediterranean. It’s numerous stamen boast violet anthers and dark filaments, which accentuate the bold beauty of the flowers. Clumps of deeply divided, hairy lance-shaped leaves appear in Spring, reaching 12-20” in height. These are followed by large numbers of tall but nodding flowering stems, each with a single 1-2” wide flower. Also known as “Pricklyhead Poppy” for its hairy flower heads, this annual responds to Summer warmth, with its primary bloom season in late May to August. Use for a splash of red contrast in beds featuring yellow or blue flowers or let it shine in its own pot. Plant in full sun to light shade in fertile, well-drained soil. This poppy appreciates regular moisture. Deadheading prolongs bloom. Bees like the flowers but deer will stay clear.

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