Bell Pepper
(Capsicum annuum)
‘Michigan Wonder’

A highly prolific descendant of ‘California Wonder’ that quickly produces an abundance of medium-sized bell peppers. A perfect choice for areas with short Summers with the first fruit ready to harvest in 65 days or less. Reaching 4-5” long with a nice, boxy shape, the fruits have thick walls, sweet flavor, and good crunch. Typically harvested while green - they will ripen to red if left on the plant, but it takes several weeks and who has that kind of patience? Bell peppers should be planted in rich, well-draining soil and topped with several inches of mulch for moisture retention. It’s a good idea to plant in a tomato cage or stake them to help keep plants upright as the heavy fruits mature. Space 1.5-2’ apart.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones