Photo provided by Timothy Vollmer

If you have ever had these delicious heirloom Japanese sweet peppers as an appetizer at a Asian restaurant or sushi bar you are no doubt already hooked on them! If not, you are in for a wonderful treat! These mellow finger length (1/2” around) glossy delights that have thin, slightly wrinkled walls - perfect for quick cooking and juicier eating! They can be eaten either green or in their mature, somewhat spicier, red state. Prolific producers, growing from 18-24” high by 24-32” across, they can be grown in a sufficiently large container as well as the vegetable garden. You must try them as a charbroiled or pan seared, liberally sprinkled with salt, served hot off the stove or grill! They are also fabulous in stir fry and as a tempura veggie. Super easy to grow. For best production avoid over-fertilizing - wait until the flowers emerge then fertilize with a well balanced fertilizer occasionally throughout their fruit producing stage.

Marti B,
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones