Chili Pepper
(Capsicum Annuum)

While this knock-out gorgeous medium-mildly hot pepper is no secret to chefs, it sure is hard to find at the market! Starting off green and skinny, it’s when they ripen to their chubby fire engine-red state that they really shine, taking on a distinct smoky, almost fruity taste that is milder in heat but much more flavorful. Grand eaten fresh, and can bring a hamburger, taco or other sandwich to a new plane. Their smokiness also makes a wonderful base for any sauce that wants a smoky peppery flavor, including the classic Romesco sauce. Since they can perform well in zones with cool summer nights, they are ideal for us bayside and coastal gardeners, but they will also do just dandy in hotter areas too. A cinch to grow, they reach about 24-30” and prefer moderately rich, well-draining soil and consistent water. Their little white star flows attract our friends, the pollinating bees, but don’t be surprised if you see butterflies flitting around them, too!

Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones