Photo by (left) Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin (right) Rasbak

Possibly the easiest vegetable to grow! Radishes mature so ridiculously fast, you’ll be harvesting almost as soon as you plant them! ‘Cherriette’ produces 2” wide, candy apple red globes with the delicious sweet and spicy flavor you want from a radish. Plus, it stays crunchy and delicious over a longer period unlike many varieties that can go from perfect to pithy seemingly overnight. Plant in airy garden soil or a container with the globe’s shoulders slightly above the soil line so you can easily see when its round and ready. If you happen to miss the harvest window and notice your radishes are bolting, don’t worry about it! The flowers are actually edible and can be used to add spicy flavor to soups, salads, or marinades.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Vegetable
USDA zones 5-11