Erythrina vespertilio
“Bat’s Wing Coral Tree”

A highly-prized ornamental tree with unusual leaves shaped like flying bats! So cool! Remaining lush and green thru Winter, this Australian native goes deciduous in Summer before bursting into riotous bloom with 1’ long inflorescences sporting numerous 1” red-orange hummer-attracting flowers. Once flowering finishes new leaves emerge along with 4” long seed pods. While it can reach a whopping 50’ tall in its native dry rainforests, it typically reaches only 10-30’ tall here with an airy, upright form and showy deeply-texture grey bark. Thorns are sported on the branches and – to a lesser extent – the trunk. Plant in a sunny location with excellent drainage. Flowers best in low-water situations.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Tree
USDA zones 10-11