‘Amethyst Falls’

A fantastic small scale Wisteria! Unlike its Asian counterpart, this native American Wisteria grows at about 1/3 the speed, is NOT INVASIVE and reaches only 15-20’ and 6’ across if left unpruned. Ours photographed here is growing in a barrel and kept to 6’ tall, making a stunning patio plant. Blooming bountifully in Spring and intermittently in Summer, its beautiful, richly colored blue-purple pinecone shaped 4-6” dense pendulous clusters are lightly fragrant. Train it against a wall or fence and it’s easily pruned into a delightful little tree. Attractive pinnate foliage. Prune back in Fall. Average draining soil. A bit of compost in early Spring is a plus. Deer won’t touch it. Does NOT self-sow! Deciduous.


Sun/Part Shade
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 5-9