Thunbergia alata
‘Rose Sensation’

We are so stoked to discover this new variety of “Black-Eyed-Susan Vine”! Extra-large 2” across “Black-Eyed” rich rose blooms fade to soft pink for an enchanting multicolored effect, sweetly highlighted against the lush green arrow shaped foliage. Fast growing as an annual in colder zones (blooming June-September) it’s fast, evergreen and practically ever-blooming in USDA zones 9b-11. An easy and awesome subject for obelisks, trellises and large containers, it happily twines itself around any support, creating a dense mass of foliage and flowers. Do grow in decent, rich soil for first-rate appearance. Hummingbirds! To 5-8’ tall.


Average Water

USDA zones (8b?)9-11
(Annual Elsewhere)