Nicotiana tomentosa

This rare in the trade flowering tobacco can reach 6-8’ tall with large sprays of orchid pink tubular flowers from Summer thru late Fall! Hailing from Peru, it owes its species name to its wooly, fuzzy leaves. These elliptical leaves easily reach a foot in length, sometimes more! The 1.5” pink flowers feature white throats, making for a vivid contrast. They’re quite popular with butterflies and hummers, making it a great choice for a somewhat shady pollinator garden. Incredibly vigorous and fast to establish, it’s great as a vertical accent. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil and a bit of fertilizer during the growing season. Can be pruned to keep it shorter and bushier. Perennial in zones 8-10, can be grown as a reseeding annual elsewhere

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Average Water

USDA zones 8-10
(Annual Elsewhere)