Telanthophora grandifolia

Sometimes bigger IS better! Reaching 15-18’ tall with fragrant golden flower clusters bigger than dinner plates (!), and leaves up to 2’ in length, this RARE tropical looking evergreen hails from the cloud forests of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico. Aptly named “Giant Groundsel”, specimens grown outside their native range may not quite reach full size, but they will still display impressive Brobdingnagian qualities. “Giant Groundsel” is handsome year round, featuring paddle-shaped, scalloped, deep-green foliage. In Winter, branch tops sprout 2’ wide inflorescences comprised of hundreds of mustard yellow, star-shaped flowers. Curiously, these develop dandelion-like parachute seeds. Great for adding a tropical touch to a part shade garden or as a unique screening plant. Plant in humus-rich, fast draining soil and water regularly during warmer weather. Frost tender.

Curious Plantsman


USDA zones 9b-11
(Maybe lower!)