Clematis mandshurica

Masses of 1” white, star-shaped flowers with asweet aniseed scentare the main attraction of this modest-sized non-climbing herbaceous clematis. Known as “sweet autumn clematis” this native of China and Mongoliabursts into bloom in July and flowers nonstop well into the fall.Plant this 6’ showstopper in full sun to get the maximum blooming show. Flowers are followed by attractively fluffy seedheads. It will need some support, even if that’s just leaning against a fence. It establishes quickly,usually blooming in its first year.Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Roots want to stay cool and this plant appreciates regular water so add bark mulch to facilitate these conditions. Pruning group 3 – cut back to strong buds lower down to encourage strong new growth. Plant in fertile well-drained soil.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 3-9