'Lavender Lady'

A magical new hybrid born in succulent heaven! The offspring of two outstanding parents (Agave attenuata and Mangave ‘Bloodspot’), it boasts the best qualities of each parent - the faster growth rate and interesting patterns of Manfreda and the form and refinement of Agave. This Hans Hansen bigeneric hybrid from the Walters Gardens breeding program possesses a feminine beauty, with its solitary rosette habit and smoky purple coloration. The 12” high x 20” wide rosettes feature nicely symmetrical 3-4” wide rubbery, grey-green leaves heavily infused with tiny lavender spots. Each ovate leaf is lined with tiny eyelash-like white teeth along its length and culminates in a spiny tip. As the rosette ages, lower leaves lighten to green, forming a two-tone effect. Though slow to bloom, plants will produce a 4-10’ tall spike of greenish-yellow tubular flowers rich in nectar to attract hummers and bees. Monocarpic but should produce pups before flowering is done. Only hardy outdoors in frost-free climates, but it performs well in containers, making it easy to bring indoors in colder climates. Prefers sun, needs well-drained soil, is drought tolerant once established and requires little fertilizer.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-10
(USPP# 29,194)