'Helen's Hybrid'

Photos by Rare Palm Seeds

An exceptionally hardy edible banana!This Himalayan love child of cold hardy Musa sikkimensis and delicious Musa ‘Chini-Champa’ has produced a banana that is hardy down to USDA  zone 7b and produces sweet (albeit seedy) fruits. Quickly growing to 12’ tall, the gorgeous 6’ long tropical leaves emerge with a reddish reverse then shift to green as they mature, often retaining hints of red. Spreads underground to form dense colonies, but best banana production occurs when only one trunk is allowed to mature at a time. Goes dormant in a hard frost, but will come back from the ground in the Spring. If it goes dormant it will not fruit, so if you live in a cold Winter area but still want fruit, it’s best to keep it in a large pot and overwinter indoors in a sunny location. Provide plenty of water but don’t let it get waterlogged. Rich, well-draining soil is best.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun

Average Water

USDA zones 7b-10