'African Blue'

When I first saw ‘African Blue’ basil in bloom, I was amazed. I had never seen so many bees on one plant! A must for beekeepers and additionally the leaves make a very tasty pesto. It is very cold tolerant and the only basil that does well in the San Francisco fog. An accidental cross between a tall East African basil and ‘Dark Opal’, ‘African Blue’ grows to 1.5-2’ tall when pinched for eating and a 3’x3’ bush if left to bloom. Purple buds open to lavender flowers and the leaves may have purple speckles on the underside. It does not set seeds and thus keeps growing/blooming until frost. Pinch your plant to encourage bushiness, then plant in full sun and well amended soil. Keep moist for the best flavor.

Anni J,

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Herb
All Zones