'Summer Crookneck'

Photo by F Delventhal

‘Summer Crookneck’ wasTHE Summer squashin the Americas before the zucchini arrived from Italy circa 1900. Scoffed at outside the US for its crooked neck and bumps, it remains a popular heritage Summer squash, loved for its tenderness, buttery flavor and legendary production. Plant 24-48” inches apart in good garden soil and mulch to keep the soil moist.  Keep the leaves of the 4’ open bush as dry as possible when watering at the base. The yellow crooknecks will be ready to pick when 5-6” long and while the skin is still shiny and not bumpy. The gourd like bumps and the deep orange color will develop with age. Excellent for steaming, sauteing and freezing. Open pollinated.

Annie J.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Moist/Avg. Water

Annual Vegetable
All Zones
50 Days