'Red Aztec Spinach'

“Huauzontle” has a long history of use in Mexico, and in terms of edible greens it is very similar to lambsquarters. However, this subspecies of quinoa also produces copious amounts of seeds (much less bitter than quinoa), which were often ground for pancakes or tortillas. Plant 6-8” apart and it will grow to 4-6’ tall. Grow in good and moist garden soil if you want to eat the nutritious young leaves at their best (preferably cooked). The leaves start green with some red, and when mature they will be a stunning flaming red. Pretty enough to grow as an ornamental. If only interested in seeds, it can be dry farmed, even in poor soil, and if you want seeds on a shorter plant, top it and the lower side branches will switch from leaf to seed production. The ripe seeds are easily removed by hand.

Anni J.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Low/Avg. Water

All Zones