Pac Choi

‘Win-Win’ is a new Pac Choi type suitable for small gardens. Only 10-12” tall but it still has the classic upright vase shape consisting of solid white stems and green spoon shaped leaves. Being a cool weather plant, Pac Choi does best in the early Spring and the Fall when the temperatures are between 45 and 75 degrees F. If higher or lower temperatures are expected, rig up some shade or frost protection to avoid early bolting. For best results, plant the seedlings as soon as possible, 6-12” apart, in rich soil and in full sun (afternoon shade in hot areas).  Water consistently and be vigilant about slugs and snails. They also think that Pac choi is delicious. After a month, you can harvest at the baby leaf stage or (for max production) look for flowers buds and a change in shape in 40-50 days. Harvest immediately by cutting at ground level. Excellent for stir fried dishes or added to salads or soups.

Anni J.
Gardener at Large


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