'Allstar Mix'

High contrast dark red and bright green ruffly foliage make this delightful mix both delicious and ornamental. Stay well-stocked on healthy greens with dense plantings of this majestic blend - the texture alone is enough to make you salivate! Plant in rich, well-draining soil in the ground or in containers – try mix with your favorite small annuals (Violas are always sweet) for fun textured planters. Fertilize regularly with fish emulsions, and harvest frequently because this mix has a good shelf life. Plant Basil, Mint, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, and/or Radishes nearby to help naturally deter pests and provide an easy cut-and-come-again salad buffet! Plant in Part Sun to Part Shade in the Summer months. Mix includes, ‘Green Oakleaf’, ‘Red Oakleaf’, ‘Green Romaine’, ‘Red Romaine’, ‘Lollo Rossa’, and ‘Red Leaf’ lettuces.


Sun/Part Shade
Average Water

All Zones
(28 days to harvest)