This totally useful, super easy, fast growing and long-blooming groundcover also has the softest hued blooms of any Delosperma I’ve seen - a shimmering peachy-pink that easily incorporates into just about any color scheme in a garden. Deer resistant, drought tolerant once fully established, as well as heat and salt air tolerant, the dense evergreen weed-suppressing mat of small jelly beanish foliage stays low to the ground at 4-6” high and quickly spreads up to 24” wide or more, perfect for that devilish parking strip, in dry gardens, as edging for a border or in containers. Bursting into masses of 2.5” sun-rayed golden-eyed blooms from Spring to the very end of Fall, it attracts butterflies and bees. Requires lean well-draining soil, average to low water and is prettiest in full sun since its blooms close in shade and on cloudy days. In cold Winter zones, cut back watering in Fall to allow hardening off during Winter.

Marti B.
Gardner at Large

Sun/A.M Sun

Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 5-10
(USPP# 13,876)