'Atomic Grape'

The Best of Show winner at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo!This Wild Boar Farms introduction is a head turner with its technicolor combinations shifting from lavender with purple stripes to green to orange-red with green and blue stripes when ripe. Our test grower was reminded of a Jackson Pollock painting. The interior will be green with a red blush. Give it your very best tomato spot in full sun with a shovelful of compost added to the bottom of a 12-15” deep planting hole. Water deeply until established, then taper off as tomatoes ripen. Indeterminate, so it will need a stake or a cage for support. The foliage is a bit wispy, but Atomic Grape is very prolific, and fruits can vary from grape to plum size. Watch for the red and orange areas that indicate ripeness. The flavor may be bold and very tangy or delicately sweet depending on the ripeness. It does not ripen after picking so leave on plant until ready. Matures at 75 days but may take longer.

Anni J.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Average Water

75 Days

Annual Edible
All Zones