'White Lite'

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Va-va-voom!If Marilyn Monroe were a sunflower, she’d be this gorgeous blonde bombshell! Featuring delicate, creamy white petals surrounding a golden-chartreuse center, this single-stem sunflower is pretty as a pin-up! 4-inch flowers sit atop 5’ sturdy stalks, making them an ideal cut flower, suitable for market bouquets by the armful or Summer nuptial arrangements. Or, if simplicity is more your thing, place a single stem in a handsome vase to make a minimalist yet sumptuous statement. Like most sunflowers, give this beauty plenty of sunshine, average water and rich, well-drained soil for best results. Note: this sunflower is POLLENLESS so if attracting pollinators to your garden is your aim, consider another variety. But if beautiful, come-hither blooms is what you desire, then this bud’s for you!

Daisy Jane

Full Sun
Average Water

All Zones