Eryngium creticum

This RARE species of Sea Holly is noteworthy for its dense, rounded habit and profuse bloom. Native to shrub-steppes and rocky places in the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt, it forms a delightful tangle of thin branches, from which pollinator-attracting metallic blue flowers appear throughout Summer. With their whorls of spiny bracts and domed central 1” flowers, they remind some of tiny blue pineapples! Famous for their toughness, Sea Hollies make a great addition to rock gardens and their modest 2’ size means you can tuck one in among other sun lovers. Showy enough to feature in a container and one of the best dried flowers. Give them sun, average soil with good drainage, a little water to start and then benign neglect! Cold hardy down to -15 degrees F

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 4-9