Blackeye Pea
"California Blackeye Pea"

The most popular of all black-eyed peas! This heirloom variety is, hands down,the best tasting and the most prolific producer!Not really a pea at all, it’s actually a kind of bean and thus requires the same conditions for growing as beans, not peas... warmer weather, mainly.A staple in southern cooking,they are extremely versatile and can be used fresh or dried in almost any dish, be it stews, salads, lettuce wraps, fried with greens, or spiced up with a little chili heat and made into salsa! Distinctive in both looks and taste, this disease resistant variety forms an erect bush about 18”x12” from which the 6-10” pods dangle in profusion. Give them full sun, consistent water and well-draining soil. To use the beans fresh, harvest as soon as the pods are completely filled out with beans.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Vegetable
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