'Orange Vanilla Popsicle'

A perfect petite “Poker Plant” ideal for even the tiniest garden, yet also right at home in big perennial borders. Growing to 14”x 18”, this compact plant provides huge impact blooming all thru Summer and well into Fall with multiple vibrant stalks of hummingbird attracting, bee friendly blooms that make stunning cut flowers. Reaching 1.5’ tall, the upright flower stalks are topped by 8” club of tri-colored(!) red, orange, and cream blooms. Its tidy mound of narrow grass-like leaves remain evergreen in mild Winter areas. Makes a huge statement in containers, and can take seaside, hot and dry conditions, and even humid climates. Deer and rabbit resistant too! This low maintenance wower will re-bloom quickly if spent flower stalks are removed. Prefers well-draining soil. A top dressing of compost in Spring is appreciated, once you have cut back (to 4-6”) or removed any scraggly foliage.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Low water

USDA zones 5-11
(USPP# 24,292)