Elizabeth W. Moisture Quencher Skincare Kit

Cucumber Hand and Foot Cream with Lip Balm
(light, clean, fruity)

Elizabeth W. Moisture Quencher Skincare Kit

Time spent outdoors is heaven for the soul – and terribly hard on skin. Never fear, brave gardeners, we bring you salve-ation!

Elizabeth W. is our favorite local CA Bay Area apothecary and has crafted wonderfully fresh smelling, natural skincare products that we can’t get enough of. Seriously, since we've been selling them, we cannot keep enough in stock!

So we've put together three of our favorite employee tested, skin-quenching salves into one supremely giftable package:

Made with 7% shea butter, the hand cream is intensely hydrating with a botanical cocktail of ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey. The restorative foot cream soothes and softens tired feet and heels and the all-natural shea butter lip balm wards off dry lips and protects against moisture loss. All contain California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) extract known for its healing properties.

Refreshing, light and fruity, the pure essence of cucumber is clean, softly sweet and easy to wear. Give this set as a gift to your favorite gardener – or treat your own skin to some serious loving care.