Inula magnifica

Inula magnifica Giant Fleabane Inula magnifica Giant Fleabane

Boring garden? Craving drama? Just the leaves alone here, up to 18” long, emerald green and spade shaped, create a striking and luxurious mounded display in the garden. Tough, burly, easy to grow and maintain this bad boy can reach 6’x6’ – so what we have here is an impressive focal plant extraordinaire! Summer blooming, the candelabra-like stems burst into numerous spidery-rayed, big eyed, sun-shiny daisies 3-4” across! Give him space and average to rich loamy soil. Reliable and long lived, you get lots of bees, butterflies, birds and cut flowers. Deciduous. Clay-ish tolerant. Medicinal. Deer resistant say some folks.


Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 3b-10a