'Festive Dance'

Coleus Festive Dance

Who needs flowers when your leaves are this sexy? Loud and proud and easy to grow, this beauty brings tropical heat to even the shadiest garden with its sumptuous plummy purple leaves with dark pink streaks and brilliant lime-green scalloped edges. Hot cha cha! Quickly reaching 1.5’ tall by 1’ wide, it’s useful for edging shady beds or tucking underneath taller perennials (like upright varieties of Fuchsias or Begonias), putting the perfect finishing touch on a garden the way a fancy pair of shoes completes an ensemble. It’s also lovely in large pots on shady porches. Make sure to place in a goodly amount of shade for best color. Pinch off blooms for best form, or leave them on to attract hummers.

Plant Unicorn

Average Water

Tender Perennial
USDA zones 10-11
(annual elsewhere)