Delosperma ashtonii
"Ashton's Hardy Iceplant"

Delosperma ashtonii Ashtons Hardy Iceplant

Surprisingly hardy – down to negative numbers farenheit “Ashton’s Iceplant” thrills us as well with its extra large – to 3” across – silky fuchsia blooms and looong bloom season – June thru Fall! Nice and densely matting to 4” tall and 15” across with distinctive pointy 3 sided leaves. Delopserma ashtonii makes a cool, dense, evergreen trailer over a rock wall, front of bed or out of a container. Easy to grow, just forget that they are succulents and provide regular water and rich, well drained soil for an incredible show.


Avg./Low water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 6-10