'Martino's Roma'

Tomato Roma

Here it is, tomato lovers, the very best canning and sauce-making tomato! That familiar little egg or pear shaped cutie is the most popular for cooking. Almost all meat inside, hardly a seed to be seen, it also has more sugars, pectins and acid than most tomatoes creating a naturally thicker base for sauce. Its walls and skin are denser than most tomatoes... perfect for keeping it intact while canning. Plus it is determinate, meaning it will fruit earlier (4-6 weeks) and it produces virtually all its fruit at the same time, so you can plan to can! It definitely needs warm temps and full sun, good draining soil and deep watering once a week (more in hottest areas). Give it high quality compost or fertilizer, particularly just as fruit starts to form. Though rarely reaching more than 3’x3’, it still benefits from some support, like a cage, to keep its fruit and foliage off the ground and to provide good air circulation.

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Average Water

75 Days

Annual Edible
all zones