Ruta graveolens

Ruta graveolens Rue

One of the best plants for attracting Swallowtail butterflies! Rue is one of the oldest cultivated herbs and was once thought to cure everything from tired eyes to epilepsy and even plague. Now it’s mainly used as a beautiful companion plant for attracting beneficial insects and deterring all kinds of garden pests from aphids and slugs to dogs and cats! Forming a dense mound 2-3’ high and wide of gorgeous, fern-like, blue-green foliage with a strong fragrance that one either loves or... well, doesn’t. Produces pretty yellow flowers with green centers in Summer. Happy in poor, infertile soil as long as the drainage is good. May cause dermatitis in some people, so plant away from paths and wear gloves when pruning or handling this plant, especially on hot, sunny days. Cut back by half in early Spring for best, bushiest habit. Evergreen in warm Winter areas.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Shade
Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 5-11