Pseudonoseris glandulosa
"Andean Aster"

Aster sp Andean Aster Aster sp Andean Aster

This outrageously rare Aster plucked from the hills around Chavine de Huantar, Ancash, Peru is probably like no Aster you’ve ever seen before! Forming a 2-3’ wide, low-growing mound of deeply cut leaves, it could be easily mistaken for a dandelion until it bursts into glorious bloom! The giant, show-stopping, 3” wide, hot-lava-red flowers arise from the foliage on multi-branching, strongly erect stems for an explosion of fiery color! We’re not sure yet how hardy this riveting rarity may prove, but it was hardy for us here thru an unusually frosty zone 9 Winter - going deciduous in Fall and returning from the roots in Spring.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 9-10
(Probably Lower)