Stachys bullata
"Wood Mint"

Choice and super useful for growing in TOTAL DRY SHADE once established. This extra-long blooming Ca native groundcover with charming orchid type blooms is tough as nails, never dies, and is so easy to grow! Prospering in heavy clay, sandy soils, nutrient poor or nutrient rich well-draining soils alike, it does want average water but can become drought tolerant after the first few years. Blooms Spring to Fall sending up 2’ tall erect bloom spikes sporting whorls of lavender colored 2” flowers. Deer resistant, bright green, citrus-scented mint-like foliage forms an airy groundcover about 1’ tall. A powerful magnet for butterflies, hummers and bees! Spreads over time, though not at all aggressively and can easily be kept any size. Evergreen near the coast, semi-evergreen elsewhere. If planting in clay, do toss a nice dose of rich compost in the hole. It will reward you with its lusher growth and flowering.


Pt. Shade/Shade

Average Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 7-10