'Lunchbox Red'

Pepper Lunchbox Red

You can’t find an easier pepper to take with you for lunch. No slicing or wrapping or other fuss. Just drop the intensely flavorful little peppers in the box, take them out by the stem and munch. The peppers can of course also be used for salads or sauteed. The 2-3" fruits mature through green to deep red and are produced in profusion on a tall strong plant. 55 days to green, 75 days to red. It produced so well in my Richmond garden that the plant appeared covered in peppers. As Richmond is not known to be a pepper growing haven, ‘Lunchbox Red’ immediately became a must have for my cool summer garden. It would also be fantastic in hot areas. Plant 2’ apart in good garden soil and in full sun. ‘Lunchbox’ is from the traditional breeding program at Johnny’s Seeds.

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones