Achillea millefolium

Lovely and oh so easy to grow! This peach-hued “yarrow” opens creamy white then darkens to a dusky rose while its lacy foliage provides a touch of delicate beauty to almost any setting - from cottage gardens to patio containers. This compact hybrid is perfect for slipping into the front of a bed or a neglected sidewalk strip! Densely packed old-fashioned pink umbels bloom Spring to Fall on tall stems held high above the foliage. Its blooms make beautiful cut flowers, and attract butterflies. This tough cookie can handle major heat, drought, and poor soils including clay! Plus, it’s deer and rabbit resistant! Provide full sun and consistent water in its first year then let it adapt to low water. Evergreen in warm Winter areas.

Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Avg./Low water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 3-10